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Gondola Serenade

Share a gondola with other travelers along the canals of Venice and be serenaded as your group of gondolas glide along the Grand Canal. A musician and a singer will be on board to play music and sing songs throughout the 35-minute ride. Great value for money! Only a gondola ride can capture the magic of Venice.35-minute shared gondola ride on the canals of Venice with serenade Glide down small canals and into the Grand Canal. Enjoy a serenade from a musician and a singer aboard one of the gondola boats in your small flotilla Choice of afternoon and early-evening gondola rides You’ll be captivated by the glamour and elegance of Venice and its magnificent palaces and churches lining the Grand Canal as you glide along in an authentic gondola.

**IMPORTANT** Each gondola holds maximum 6 passengers. There are approx. 10 gondolas per tour. The musician will board one of the gondolas to perform throughout the trip. Gondola serenades on the canals of Venice regularly sell out weeks in advance.


  • Individual Rate: $73.00
  • Frequency: Daily 6:30, 7:00, 7:30 pm
  • Winter months 3:00 pm
  • Duration: .35 Mns
  • Language: English

The CAD ($) rate is indicative of Euro price and subject to change.

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